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Angelini Academy employs diversified academic methodologies and tools to support the learning process and allow for more effective and engaging programs. Cutting edge learning programs with a focus on raising competencies and re-skilling.

The Academy measures learning performance against specific indicators (KPIs) which are essential to plan and deliver programs and assess performance improvement.

  • Masterclass

    In-class interactive activities: inspirational readings, group workshops, face to face sessions, role-play, case studies, etc.

  • Digital Learning

    Webinars, e-learning, digital pills, gamification, digital on-boarding programs

  • Social Learning

    Team building activities to express and strengthen leadership skills: community programs, hack-a-thons, business games

  • Personal Focus

    Tailor-made individual learning opportunities: on-the-job training, project work, tutoring, mentoring, coaching

  • KPIs

    Evaluation of all success indicators related to learning and performance: behaviour indicators, competence tests, participant satisfaction surveys

  • Digital Certification

    Issue of digital certificates, inviolable and strict, to be downloaded by QR code